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CV Support

Having a PhD is an incredible academic achievement but it also demonstrates a wealth of transferable skills that are key requirements for jobs outside of academia.

Unfortunately, many PhD students struggle to identify, evidence and maximise these transferable skills when it comes to job applications - hindering their careers.

Learning how to identify and evidence your own transferable skills can provide you with a massive advantage in the jobs market.

Identify Your

Transferable Skills

Almost Phinished CV SERVICE

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a final set of eyes to comb through your CV, Almost Phinished can help.

CV Support from Dr Mike Kenny can help you through the CV and job application process from start to finish

  • Identifying transferable skills that you have developed throughout your PhD

  • Targeting your CV to a specific role 

  • Preparing evidence to back up your skills.

Get in touch HERE to find out more!

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